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Accelerating environmental decision making: Supporting Sustainability through Smart Data Visualisation and Digital Twins

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Effective data architecture, data visualisation, interaction, simulation, and decision-making are crucial for modern businesses, government agencies, NGOs and policymakers.

With the help of digital twins and innovative tools, valuable insights can be gained and informed decisions can be made, driving sustainability and success

In today's increasingly data rich environment, effective data architecture, visualisation, interaction, simulation, and informed decision-making are crucial for businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and policymakers to achieve their goals. With the help of innovative tools such as digital twins, valuable insights can be gained, enabling informed decisions that drive sustainability and success.

At Blue Lobster, we are a leading provider of advanced data interaction solutions for organisations in the environmental sector. Our focus on effective data architecture, visualisation, and interaction enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of services that empower our clients to simulate real-world scenarios, make informed decisions, and innovate for a sustainable future. We place great emphasis on good user interaction and experience through tools such as WebGIS, APIs, plotting, mapping, modelling, simulations, and digital twins. These tools enable us to make our services accessible to a range of stakeholders, helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

Our team consists of software engineers, scientists, designers, and communicators who specialise in environmental sciences such as Oceanology, Meteorology, Litter, Wind Energy, Marine Renewables, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Pollution, Climate Change, Marine Traffic, Met Ocean, Biodiversity, Assessments & Monitoring, Education, Stakeholder Engagement, Policy, and Science Communication.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that our solutions are tailored to their specific needs, providing them with the insights and tools they need to achieve their sustainability objectives.


Custom solutions, or extending our own tools

We have several in-house developed tools that provide simple solutions to common problems, such as WebGIS, Digital Twin interfaces, Data Manipulation, Web Application Frameworks, Data Plotting, Metadata Portals / Data Catalogues and Marketplaces etc. We can also develop custom solutions based on your requirements and we can collaborate with you on the design and implementation.


GeoMachine is the ultimate WebGIS and data analysis tool for exploring and understanding geospatial data in an interactive and user-friendly way. Utilising advanced mapping technologies, it's easy to visualise and analyse data layers, compose custom maps, and discover connections between datasets. Whether you're a researcher, scientist, or just curious, GeoMachine makes it easy to access and understand scientific data, helping to bring knowledge to a wider audience.

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